Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Blogaway Update: Moderate your comments

Today, we are releasing Blogaway v6.0.2 and Blogaway Pro v2.0.2 with some added features on comment moderations.

Android app on Google Play

You can now moderate your comments right from your mobile. You can view all your comments, including spam on your posts, and delete them, mark them as spam or approve them.

As of now, we are only showing the latest 20 comments on each post. We would be improving it later to be able to browse through all the comments that you have got.

Also, the comments are shown in a threaded view. And you can also view the profile pictures of your commenters. Hope you enjoy Blogaway even more.

Let us know if you love this feature, or have some feedback and suggestions. We will be happy to listen from you.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Compose UI

Blogging on the phone is not the same as on a desktop. Being creative while writing a post is a little tricky while you are on the move. Blogaway now has a new compose UI which tries to address this problem. However, we are still trying to improve and bring out new tools that help you write an awesome post, without worrying about the fact that you are on a mobile.
The new Compose UI

The first version of the new UI lets you be a little more creative than you were before. As compared to the previous versions, where your photos and videos could only go on the top of your posts, the new version is more flexible, allowing you to compose your post, with as many photos and videos you want, and most importantly, arrange your media as you like.

The new "Create Post" screen is simple to use. To start composing, tap on the "Add a section" button.

Composing a long post can be difficult on a mobile device, and you can very easily lose track of your content. So, with the new compose UI, we break up the process of composing into smaller tasks, or elements called "Sections"

Each section can have multiple images and videos, along with a write up. Within a section, you cannot arrange media as you like. All the attached media would still appear on the top of the text that you type in. But, the good thing is, you can add any number of sections, and arrange them instead. You can think of a section as a small paragraph of your post.

And when you come back to this screen after composing a section, this screen would be updated, and will show you a rough preview of what your content is going to look like.

And since each section is separate from each other, you can easily edit or delete specific sections.

Composing a section

On the compose section screen, you have all the formatting options as before. They will be visible once you are in the compose mode and the keyboard is displayed.

Once you are done with a section, you can go back to have a preview of what the section looks like.

On the preview screen, there are two buttons for editing or deleting a section at the end of each section. You could have sections with only images, or only videos, or just plain old formatted text.

Sections preview
And once you are satisfied with the preview, you can hit the publish button to send away your awesome post.

And if you are not ready just yet, just press the back button, and this post would be auto-saved on your phone's drafts. When you find some more time to work on this post, go the the "Drafts" section, and tap on the one that you want to edit. You will again see this new compose UI, with everything that you were working on.

Note: While editing a post, you would still see the old compose UI. We haven't yet found out a good way to handle editing of posts that are already published (even the draft ones).

Let us know what you think, and do let us know if you have any suggestions for new features, improvements to the existing ones, or any other problems that you might be facing.

Keep blogging.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Blogaway API quota limits increased

As per our last update, we have been constantly hitting the quota limit for API requests for a few days. It was for a few days, and so, users could have experienced a few problems due to that.

But now, we have got a higher quota limit for Blogaway, and there shouldn't be any service interruptions from the applications.

Also, we have our new "Privacy Policy" and "Terms of Service" setup, which was needed for getting a quota upgrade from Google.

Keep blogging, and do let us know how we can improve Blogaway.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Blogger API quota limits (Blogaway and Blogaway Pro)

Blogger V3 API, has an initial quota limit of 10,000 requests a day. For the last few days, we have seen that the number of API requests from Blogaway and Blogaway Pro are hitting dangerously close to the quota limits.

What it means is: When this limit is achieved, the blogger API will not acknowledge any new requests coming from Blogaway or Blogaway Pro.

The rise of the number of requests was, in a way, very sudden. And thus, we couldn't take steps to ensure that the users don't face the consequences. We are very sorry for that

We have applied for an extension of the limit, to a higher number of API requests per day. But, as the API FAQs say, it generally takes 5 business days to approve this up-gradation. And so, if  Blogaway or Blogaway Pro doesn't seem to be working, it is most probably due to this reason.

We will update this space, when this is fixed, and hope that you don't mind this temporary problem.

Thanks for your continued support. Please keep your comments and feedback pouring in so that we can make Blogaway more awesome.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Update to Blogaway and Blogaway Pro

That was a long gap I think. But, we have added quite some new features, which needed extensive testing.

There has been a bunch of bug fixes which were pending for a long time and were very irritating. The most important one was:

You couldn't write a post with accentuated characters in the title or in the labels fields. This was a problem for the non-english characters, where users then had to go and manually change them later on the web. Although, the post content was able to handle these characters properly, it must have been very frustrating for the users to do that each time they hit publish. Now, that's fixed.

And the feature list is quite a handful this time.

  • Navigate to post from Posts map
  • Show blog stats
  • Accentuated characters were not being displayed in Title and Tags
  • Revert published/scheduled posts to draft
  • Publishing a draft post
  • Scheduling a post
  • Deleting posts
  • Viewing and editing "Drafts" and "Scheduled" posts
And various bug fixes

Blog Stats (Page Views)
Here's a screenshot for the Stats page. Hope you would like it.

There could be a few odd behaviors as always, because of the substantial upgrade of features and code-base, as usual. So, if you find a bug, or if you want any help, do write to us, and we would be more than happy to help you.

Blogaway Pro: The introductory price still is at $1.49 for some more time. Grab your copy till it's that cheap. May be for a week more or two.

And, as always, we aren't resting yet. We are already busy adding new features, and polishing up the existing ones. Don't forget to rate us on the Play Store.

Till the next update, Happy Blogging.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Introducing Blogaway Pro and Posts Map

Get it on Google Play Finally, a pro version of Blogaway for Android is out. Needless to say, it's ad-free. For the initial release, Blogaway Pro for Android is on a sale for the first 2 weeks. Download it for the introductory price of only USD 1.49.

Introducing the Posts Map

You have been blogging from various parts of your city, or may be the world. And after hundreds of posts, you have lost track of your old memories. To re-live those moments, go into the "Posts Map".

Posts Map shows all your posts on a map. You can zoom in or out to view all your post scattered throughout the world. Isn't it nice to see from where you have been blogging all this time?

The post map also shows posts from your reading list. Although this is not yet ready fully, we thought it would be a teaser to the next update.

Blogaway Free users can also see the Posts Map now, but all the subsequent updates to this feature would only be available on Blogaway Pro.

We would still be supporting Blogaway Free users in terms of bug fixes, crashes and minor improvements, but Blogaway Pro is the new tool that aims to make your blogging experience from your Android phones better and fun.

If you really want these awesome updates, do get the Blogaway Pro while it is one SALE. And that's only for the next 2 weeks.

Happy Blogging. Blogaway....

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Blogaway 5.5 Released

Get it on Google Play Hope you had a good time blogging away with your Android phones.

Recently, we came across an issue from the comments section. The users on Galaxy S4 weren't able to view the content section of their posts while composing. This was a bug in Blogaway, which should now be fixed.

We have fixed this problem, and the new release is available on the Play store.

Please let us know if there are problems with Blogaway. Also, you could tell us what you want to change in Blogaway. It could be a new feature altogether, or improvements to the existing features.

A full tablet version of the app is due for a long time. We are working on that. But, it would take some more time to get there. Till then, happy blogging.