Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Update to Blogaway and Blogaway Pro

That was a long gap I think. But, we have added quite some new features, which needed extensive testing.

There has been a bunch of bug fixes which were pending for a long time and were very irritating. The most important one was:

You couldn't write a post with accentuated characters in the title or in the labels fields. This was a problem for the non-english characters, where users then had to go and manually change them later on the web. Although, the post content was able to handle these characters properly, it must have been very frustrating for the users to do that each time they hit publish. Now, that's fixed.

And the feature list is quite a handful this time.

  • Navigate to post from Posts map
  • Show blog stats
  • Accentuated characters were not being displayed in Title and Tags
  • Revert published/scheduled posts to draft
  • Publishing a draft post
  • Scheduling a post
  • Deleting posts
  • Viewing and editing "Drafts" and "Scheduled" posts
And various bug fixes

Blog Stats (Page Views)
Here's a screenshot for the Stats page. Hope you would like it.

There could be a few odd behaviors as always, because of the substantial upgrade of features and code-base, as usual. So, if you find a bug, or if you want any help, do write to us, and we would be more than happy to help you.

Blogaway Pro: The introductory price still is at $1.49 for some more time. Grab your copy till it's that cheap. May be for a week more or two.

And, as always, we aren't resting yet. We are already busy adding new features, and polishing up the existing ones. Don't forget to rate us on the Play Store.

Till the next update, Happy Blogging.