Monday, August 23, 2010

Blogaway Update v4.57

Blogaway has been having a few issues of late. Especially, related to reading of posts and edit features. We have changed the database structure a bit, to include the html link to your posts which is used in "Share" option. So, your old posts that you must have already had one your phones would not have this new column. And so, problems.

In the recent update, we have tried to remove all your old posts from your phone which do not have this column filled. As a result, some of your old posts would be deleted locally from your phone. Sorry for that.

Also, the Edit feature bug has been fixed. Please update Blogaway to the latest version.

We would also like to mention that we have been receiving a lot of mails and complaints from users. We appreciate your feedback, bug reports and suggestions. Please keep them coming. We will try our best to reply to each of your queries through mail.

Update on Blogaway Lite : Still under beta. We have plans of adding lots of new features with the Lite version. If you have any suggestions for any features, you can either mail us or leave a comment here. 
Thanks and Regards,
Blogaway Team(Follow us on  Twitter @blogaway)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blogaway Update v4.55 available

This new update fixes quite a few problems that users have been reporting. There was a bug which downloaded posts saved as drafts and displayed them as normal posts. And for some, these drafts were shown as drafts, but when you open the post to view, it displayed "null" in the Reader.

This has been fixed now. For now, your drafts will still be downloaded and will be shown as drafts, but you cannot open these posts. When you go to blogger and finally publish this draft, and come back and refresh the list, then you will be able to view the posts.

Do let us know your feedback and issues if any.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Blogaway Lite (Beta) available now

We have published the beta version of Blogaway Lite to the Android market. As of now, the features are very limited. But, we will be adding more and more features to it within the next couple of weeks.

- Supports Blogger and Wordpress blogs
- Multiple image uploads to Blogger and Wordpress
- Add labels to your posts
- View the blogs you follow on Google reader

Do let us know if you have any issues or feature requests.