Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Test post with formatting

This is a test post with rich text formatting. You can make your text BOLD, ITALIC, UNDERLINE. You can also change the color of your text. Blogging is fun!!!


Update - Blogaway now supports Rich Text Editing

Hello People,

Finally we got it working. The rich text editing feature is live now with  the latest update.You can now format your text, make it BOLD, Italic or make it Underlined. You can also change the font color of a selected text easily.

How to use.
1. Write some text into the post area.
2. Select some text and click on the formatting you would like to set.

"B" - Bold
"I"  - Italics
"U" - Underline
"N" - Normal (No formatting)
"@" - Choose font color
"#"  - Cancel all formatting

You can save your post with formatting on your phone as well. And when you open it from your drafts, all your formatting is preserved.

Well, there is a bug though. If you open a draft with the formatting, you cannot cancel the formatting with which you had saved it. We will try to fix this in the next release.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Update - Image upload bug fix

Special thanks to Brian with whose effort I was able to figure out the issue. He is my savior. :)

People were getting force closes when they were trying to upload images of sizes more than 700Kb. This is now fixed.

Happy blogging.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Update - Blogaway

This version is a minor update with mostly bug fixes.

People have been asking for delete functionality in the drafts/accounts/posts.

So, currently, I have enabled the deletetion of drafts and blog-roll.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blogaway - Now supports Video upload

We are happy to announce that Blogaway now supports Video upload option with your blog posts. So, finally we got it working.

From the create post screen, you just have to say, Add Video. Select a video from your gallery, write a short post, and click on Publish from the menu. That's it.

However, there are some pre-requisites to be able to post blogs with pictures/videos. For picture uploading, you need to activate you Picasa account, and similarly, for uploading videos, you need to activate your Youtube account. Else you will get an error "Not found", as many people have been reporting. And also, right now, while creating a post, there is a limitation to what all you can attach to your post.

You can definitely attach any number of links as you want. But for pictures and videos, you can attach only a single picture or a single video. We are trying to get a solution for multiple pictures/video upload, but till then this the limitation for our application.

Hope you enjoy using Blogaway.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Blogaway - Now supports adding links

Hi People,
I know it's an important feature. But in the hurry, I forgot to include this in the initial releases. Now you can add links to your posts.

In the create post screen, you will see a new menu item called "Add Link". Clicking on it, you will see a dialog which has 2 text boxes. The first one is for the URL. (Please don't append http://, since blogaway will do it for you). In the label text box, enter a label for the link. This is optional. It no label is provided, the URL itself will be the label.

Apart from this feature, I have also enable auto-cap sentences in the Post Title, Post itself and in the Comments box, in the Create Comment screen.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Important Update

The last update has a problem with the text box for the Post and the Comment areas. Due to this problem, the text is not getting wrapped into multiple lines. Now the bug has been fixed and the new update is available on the Market.

I request you to please apply the update to remove this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blogaway v2.2 now supports Geo-Tagging

Its been quite some time since the last update. Been quite busy. Today, I have updated "Blogaway" to support Geo-Tagging your posts. While you are writing a small post from your phone, if you want to send/post your location information along with the post, you can simply turn-on the Automatic Geo-tagging feature by going to the "Settings" screen.

If this option is selected, every post that you publish will contain your location information, i,e the address from where you had published that post. The address will be a hyperlink. If you click on the hyperlink, you will be taken to Google Maps, and the address will be marked for you.

Clicking on the link will directly take you to that location on the Google Maps. If you need to turn off this feature, just go to settings, and uncheck "Geo-Tagging" and now you will not be sending your location information.

There is another option on the "Settings" screen called "Automatic Updates". This has not been implemented yet. So, it is disabled as of now.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Blogaway v2.2 now supports Image upload

The updated blogaway now supports creating new post with an image. The current version supports only 1 image per post. Here are the steps to follow to attach an image while creating a post.

1. From the "Create Post" screen, click on the "Add Image" option from the menu. You will be taken to the Gallery. After you select an image from your gallery, a thumbnail of the selected image will appear on the screen, just above the posts area.

2. Enter a title for the post, and content if you wish.

3. From the menu, select "Publish" to post.

You can also select the size of the image and the layout (center, left or right) by clicking on the thumbnail of the selected image.

You can upload any type of images. The application might crash if you try to select video files from your gallery. Video upload option is still not supported with this version.

Also, if you have created and post with an image, and saved it to the phone's drafts, re-opening that post later will not contain any information about the image. You have to re-attach the image again and then publish.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Update - Blogaway 2.1

Hi Everyone,

Recently, many people have been facing this issue with blogaway. Intermittently, the application "force closed".

Now, it has been fixed.

Now, you can save posts as drafts to your phone. Later, you can open them, edit them and publish to your blog.

Now, displayed time is formatted to a more readable format.

Note: Sometimes, when you get a "Error processing Request" message, please try again. This seems to be a bug with the core blogger API.

Now I am working on the "Manage Accounts" page.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Update Available

- Home screen changed.
- Adjusted some layouts for orientation change.

Future updates will mostly UI changes. I am trying hard to implement the photo upload feature. I need some more time.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Update - Blogaway 2.0

You can now use the comment feature to comment on posts right from your phone.

By default, the default account will be used to send/post the comment. If you have multiple accounts configured, there is a Spinner in which you can specify which account to use while commenting.

At present, anonymous comments are not allowed from the application, even if the post has permission.

The UI is very awkward now, with so many activities till you reach the posts screen, or the comment screen. So, I will be concentrating on the UI for the next release, so that it is simple to use.

Update - Blogaway 2.0

Blog-Away now uses the latest build of gData 1.39

- Upcoming features
1. Upload images
2. Comment on posts

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blogaway 2.0 uploaded

New Features
- Set default blog and default account
- Create posts with labels/tags
- Save posts to phone for later publishing
- View comments on posts

Upcoming Features
- Add comments to posts
- Delete accounts, posts, feeds

Known Issues
- Some posts which are created using a blogger client would fail to load properly because of mal-formed HTML structure.

Blogaway 1.0 for Android Phones

A simple blogger client to read, post and manage your blogspot account feeds. A convenient way to keep you connected. Blogaway uses the GData blogger API to communicate with the blogger site. This initial version is still under active development.

More and more features will get added so that you can have a real Blogging experience.

Features for 1.0
- Multiple blog account support
- Multiple feeds under one account
- Create, publish or save as drafts
- Blogroll to read public Blogspot feeds
- Captcha unlock account
- Set default account to create new post, comments etc.
- Set default feed to post new posts
- Add labels/tags to your new posts

Future improvements
- View Comments
- Post Comments
- Add pictures/videos to posts
- Manage your accounts
- Delete feeds and accounts
- Support for other blog feeds other than Blogspot

I will be updating this application at regular intervals with more features. Please feel free to post your comments so tat I can improve and add more features in the future. Thanks.