Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blogaway - Now supports Video upload

We are happy to announce that Blogaway now supports Video upload option with your blog posts. So, finally we got it working.

From the create post screen, you just have to say, Add Video. Select a video from your gallery, write a short post, and click on Publish from the menu. That's it.

However, there are some pre-requisites to be able to post blogs with pictures/videos. For picture uploading, you need to activate you Picasa account, and similarly, for uploading videos, you need to activate your Youtube account. Else you will get an error "Not found", as many people have been reporting. And also, right now, while creating a post, there is a limitation to what all you can attach to your post.

You can definitely attach any number of links as you want. But for pictures and videos, you can attach only a single picture or a single video. We are trying to get a solution for multiple pictures/video upload, but till then this the limitation for our application.

Hope you enjoy using Blogaway.
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