Sunday, January 31, 2010

Issues with Auto-Sync Posts

The recent update has some issues with the Auto-Sync feature You might not be getting updates of new posts even if you have enabled the settings. In some cases, you might also be getting duplicate posts.

We have found out the issue, and will be fixing it with the next update.

Blogaway Team

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blogaway - New Update Available

Today, we have released an update to Blogaway. Here are the list of bugs/features for this update.

Blogaway v3.0(build 28) (Release Date: 28th January 2010)
  1. Editing posts
  2. "Share" photos with Blogaway from your gallery
  3. "Share" videos with Blogaway from your gallery
  4. Fixed Error Messages for Picasa/Youtube activation
  5. Fixed Error Message for "Network Error"
  6. Show Read/Unread status of posts
  7. Incremental post refresh only scans for updates which makes the process faster
Please note: The edit feature is still in it's infancy, and it might be a bit hard to use it. Please be careful while editing posts.

Blogaway Team

Monday, January 25, 2010

Blogaway's next Update

We will be introducing the edit feature for posts in the next update. BUt, since this feature will be a new addition, this might have a lot of small bugs which you should be aware of.

-Editing posts with formatting is still possible, but you cannot change the formatting of already formatted texts.

-If you have pics/videos on your post, you can only edit the texts in such cases. Pics/Videos will appear as blue boxes. Please be careful with those, because, if by mistake you delete them, your pics and posts will be gone.

Also, with the next update, we will be enabling the "Share with" option for Blogaway, so that, right from your gallery, you can create a post with a picture or a video without going through the process of attaching a pic/video.

This was a feature requested by one of "Blogaway's" user.

With subsequent updates, you will definintely notice better edit handling of posts and more new and cool features.

Till then, BLOGAWAY!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blogaway - New Update Available

A new update of Blogaway has been releases and is available for download on the Android Market. We have fixed a number of issues.

Blogaway v2.3(build 27) (Release Date: 21st January 2010)

 Issue 23 :maps link is for India fixed
 Issue 24 :geo tag uses old location fixed
 Issue 26 :Adding a link (Check for extra http) fixed
 Issue 19 :Issue with username fixed
 Issue 13 :Check the video upload functionality checked
 Issue 16 :Adding a blog/feed ( fixed (Please see the comment)
 Issue 25 :Fails to read some blogs fixed (Please see the comment) Delete blog posts feature enabled Easy access to your blogs from the home screen

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blogaway - Failure to read some blogs

Some users have reported that they were not able to read some blogs. After "Refresh", you get a message saying "Content object is not TextContent". This is a configuration issue with your blog. Please follow the steps below to resolve this.

To rectify this, please go to your blog settings. From the "Site Feed" tab, set "Allow Blog Feed" to "Full". Now try reading it on "Blogaway". This should solve your problem.

There's no need to update "Blogaway"  to resolve this. This is only a configuration change on your blog.


Blogaway Team

Blogaway is going to change

Hello everyone,

Thanks for all your feedback and responses. We have now got a considerable amount of bugs/issues that we need to fix. Also, we would be improving quite a few things in the next update.

It's surely going to take some time to make all these changes. But, we are still accepting new bugs. You can directly open an issue on our issue tracker, or you can just send us a mail.

So, the next update will take some time. Till then, enjoy blogging.

--Posted from "Blogaway"

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blogaway Update

Hi All,

We are very sorry for so frequent updates for Blogaway. But there were a lot of bugs which we could find and had to fix them. We didn't find all these bugs at one time, and each of them was leading to Force closes.

Now, Blogaway is very stable, and thus we would not be updating it so frequently.

Thanks for your support and bug reports,

Blogaway Team

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Latest update Issues

Blogaway v2.3(build 24) (Release date : 6th December 2009)

This release seems to have problems with Auto-Save drafts. We will be fixing this issue in the next update.

Blogaway Team

Monday, January 4, 2010

Thanks for support and feedback

Hello All,

A very very Happy New Year to all the users of "Blogaway". We have been getting, 10's (1000's would have been proper :) ) of mails everyday from users asking to include new features, and reporting bugs, and appreciating "Blogaway".

Keeping a track of all these mails is quite tedious, especially for such a small team. Nevertheless, we are trying to record all such feedback on our bug-tracker. But, we would request all of you to directly use the bug-tracker instead. Here is the link.

You can create new "Feature Requests", "Report bugs" or ask for help and we will definitely reply to you. Also, by doing this, people having similar issues don't have to mail us and wait for our reply. They can directly access information from this bug tracker, and check the status of the reported bugs.

Also, we have created a page for user's to enter comments and queries which might not be suitable for the bug-tracker. Here is the link.

However, in case you need to contact us directly, you can do that as well. Drop us a mail at:

We will try our best to reply/revert to your queries as soon as possible.