Monday, January 4, 2010

Thanks for support and feedback

Hello All,

A very very Happy New Year to all the users of "Blogaway". We have been getting, 10's (1000's would have been proper :) ) of mails everyday from users asking to include new features, and reporting bugs, and appreciating "Blogaway".

Keeping a track of all these mails is quite tedious, especially for such a small team. Nevertheless, we are trying to record all such feedback on our bug-tracker. But, we would request all of you to directly use the bug-tracker instead. Here is the link.

You can create new "Feature Requests", "Report bugs" or ask for help and we will definitely reply to you. Also, by doing this, people having similar issues don't have to mail us and wait for our reply. They can directly access information from this bug tracker, and check the status of the reported bugs.

Also, we have created a page for user's to enter comments and queries which might not be suitable for the bug-tracker. Here is the link.

However, in case you need to contact us directly, you can do that as well. Drop us a mail at:

We will try our best to reply/revert to your queries as soon as possible.
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