Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Blogaway API quota limits increased

As per our last update, we have been constantly hitting the quota limit for API requests for a few days. It was for a few days, and so, users could have experienced a few problems due to that.

But now, we have got a higher quota limit for Blogaway, and there shouldn't be any service interruptions from the applications.

Also, we have our new "Privacy Policy" and "Terms of Service" setup, which was needed for getting a quota upgrade from Google.

Keep blogging, and do let us know how we can improve Blogaway.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Blogger API quota limits (Blogaway and Blogaway Pro)

Blogger V3 API, has an initial quota limit of 10,000 requests a day. For the last few days, we have seen that the number of API requests from Blogaway and Blogaway Pro are hitting dangerously close to the quota limits.

What it means is: When this limit is achieved, the blogger API will not acknowledge any new requests coming from Blogaway or Blogaway Pro.

The rise of the number of requests was, in a way, very sudden. And thus, we couldn't take steps to ensure that the users don't face the consequences. We are very sorry for that

We have applied for an extension of the limit, to a higher number of API requests per day. But, as the API FAQs say, it generally takes 5 business days to approve this up-gradation. And so, if  Blogaway or Blogaway Pro doesn't seem to be working, it is most probably due to this reason.

We will update this space, when this is fixed, and hope that you don't mind this temporary problem.

Thanks for your continued support. Please keep your comments and feedback pouring in so that we can make Blogaway more awesome.