Sunday, October 6, 2013

Introducing Blogaway Pro and Posts Map

Get it on Google Play Finally, a pro version of Blogaway for Android is out. Needless to say, it's ad-free. For the initial release, Blogaway Pro for Android is on a sale for the first 2 weeks. Download it for the introductory price of only USD 1.49.

Introducing the Posts Map

You have been blogging from various parts of your city, or may be the world. And after hundreds of posts, you have lost track of your old memories. To re-live those moments, go into the "Posts Map".

Posts Map shows all your posts on a map. You can zoom in or out to view all your post scattered throughout the world. Isn't it nice to see from where you have been blogging all this time?

The post map also shows posts from your reading list. Although this is not yet ready fully, we thought it would be a teaser to the next update.

Blogaway Free users can also see the Posts Map now, but all the subsequent updates to this feature would only be available on Blogaway Pro.

We would still be supporting Blogaway Free users in terms of bug fixes, crashes and minor improvements, but Blogaway Pro is the new tool that aims to make your blogging experience from your Android phones better and fun.

If you really want these awesome updates, do get the Blogaway Pro while it is one SALE. And that's only for the next 2 weeks.

Happy Blogging. Blogaway....

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Blogaway 5.5 Released

Get it on Google Play Hope you had a good time blogging away with your Android phones.

Recently, we came across an issue from the comments section. The users on Galaxy S4 weren't able to view the content section of their posts while composing. This was a bug in Blogaway, which should now be fixed.

We have fixed this problem, and the new release is available on the Play store.

Please let us know if there are problems with Blogaway. Also, you could tell us what you want to change in Blogaway. It could be a new feature altogether, or improvements to the existing features.

A full tablet version of the app is due for a long time. We are working on that. But, it would take some more time to get there. Till then, happy blogging.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blogaway 5.3 available on the Play store

Blogaway for Android 5.3 is a minor update with a few bug fixes. We have fixed a few crashes, which could have probably frustrated you a bit a few times.

Release notes:
  1. Now supports browser based OAuth2
  2. Composing a post is now supported in any orientation. This is a step forward towards full-tablet support.
  3. We are working on full tablet support. But thought to first fix it for the compose screen. It might take a few weeks more for reaching there.
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Get it on Google Play

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blogaway 5.2 - Minor update

This is a minor update for Blogaway for Android.

What's new in this update?

  1. Fixed a few crashes while working with posts and drafts
  2. Special characters or posts/blogs in languages other than english should not appear correctly. The post/blog titles and the contents should now render correctly.
  3. Editing your existing blog posts is now enabled.
  4. Blogaway uses Google analytics to track app usage. In the settings, you could also disable this and opt-out of Google Analytics.
  5. Now you can add a caption to your images and videos.
  6. Commenting is now enabled if you have a manually setup account. While commenting, only such accounts would be visible to use for commenting on posts.
Let us know your feedback and feature requests that you would like to see in the future versions. Till then, Happy Blogging.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Adding a caption to your images

Your caption goes here.

When you add images, most of the times you would want to describe a little more about the image itself. That's where adding a caption helps you. This would work for images as well as videos. After you add an image/video, tap on the media in the compose screen.

The dialog which let's you specify the size and the alignment, now has a caption field as well.

This little feature would be a part of the next update.

Do let us know what more features you would like us to roll out.

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Blogaway 5.1 is now on Google Play Store

Blogaway 5.1 is a substantial update. Please check it out and send in your feedback. But, before upgrading, there's just one word of caution.

This is a completely re-written codebase, and thus, this update will not use the old data that you have with the existing version. You will need to setup your accounts and reading lists again.

Also, all your drafts, if any would not be imported into the new drafts system. If you want to preserve your drafts, please publish them, or save them as online drafts, and then proceed with the update.

Migration old the old data was a lot of work. And I don't really think it's worth. If and only if you have a lot of phone drafts, it's a real problem for the users. But other than the drafts, setting up everything else shouldn't take much time.

We hope you will love the new UI and everything else that will follow. If not, do send in your problems and concerns, and we would try our best to sort it out.

The new Home Screen

Manage multiple images

A new Reader UI

Thursday, August 15, 2013

An Alpha build up for testing

An Alpha build for Blogaway is available on the Play store now. This is a completely re-written codebase, and thus, this update will not use the old data that you have with the existing version. You will need to setup your accounts and reading lists again.

Also, all your drafts, if any would not be imported into the new drafts system. If you want to preserve your drafts, please publish them, or save them as online drafts, and then proceed with the update.

Migration old the old data was a lot of work. And I don't really think it's worth. If and only if you have a lot of phone drafts, it's a real problem for the users. But other than the drafts, setting up everything else shouldn't take much time.

Do let us know if you run into any problems with this alpha release.

Do join this Google Community to get early access to alpha and beta builds, and if you wish to help testing the builds.

Join the Blogaway Page and let us know your feedback.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Using your Google account on Blogaway

The current version of Blogaway doesn't yet support using the Account Manager on Android to setup your blogs. From the feedback that we have received, this is not really a good idea. Users obviously don't want to provide their Google credentials to a third-party app, which is a good thing.

To solve this problem with Blogaway, soon, we would be releasing a version that changes how Blogaway works. And we hope that would remove all doubts about how Blogaway uses or stores your Google credentials.

From the next update, you would be able to setup your blog by using one of the two options.

Adding your blog

  1. Using a Google account: This is the preferred way to setup an account on Blogaway. By choosing this, Blogaway doesn't get to know your password for your Google account.
  2. Manual Setup: There might be a few situations where people still might want to add an account manually by providing their Google credentials within the app. Although the information you provide is safe, and Blogaway in no way trasmits/uses any of your credentials in a way that poses privacy issues, you should still be careful about lending your devices or, when you misplace them.

That's one thing that we would be changing.

Some of the other changes that would be a part of the next big update are:
  • Multiple image support
  • Multiple videos support
  • Bookmarking posts that you would like to read later
  • Proper geo-tagging of posts
  • A better post reader

Monday, July 29, 2013

Blogaway 5.0.4 released

Blogaway 5.0.4 is now live on the Google Play Store. There was a minor crash in the settings screen which should now be fixed.

Other changes are mostly related to UI. Font colors, text sizes and dialogs were not consistent everywhere. This update has all those fixed. We wanted to ensure that the current users don't feel unsatisfied with the build with minor UI inconsistencies, and that one-off crash.

The next update for Blogaway would be in quite a few weeks. As we said before, we are working on a completely new set of features and improving the existing ones. We are confident that the next update will be the right step to take this application in the correct direction.

As always, keep sending in your comments and feedback, and we promise to attend/implement those in the upcoming versions.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Attaching images to your posts

While creating a new post, you can add an image by tapping the "Add Image" from the menu.

Also, you can share an image right from your gallery, and instantly publish your post.

You can also specify how the image would look on your blog by tapping on the image.

Currently, Blogaway supports only one image per post. But we are working on that.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blogaway now available on Amazon App Store

Blogaway is now available on Amazon App Store.

You can try out Blogaway on your Kindle. Although it's not yet optimized for larger screens other than phones, a few users had asked for a Kindle version.

There you go. Check it out and leave feedback if you have any.

Blogaway update coming soon

Blogaway would be getting a UI overhaul soon. And we are sure you would love the update. Although it might take a little longer, a few weeks is what you might have to wait.

We have a huge list of features, bugs and improvements on our agenda. But it would be great if we hear feedback and feature requests directly from the users. Do leave your comments if you have any.

We won't keep you waiting for long though.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Blogaway v5.0

Finally, Blogaway got a long-awaited updated. Version 5.0 is now live on the play store. Although it's a minor update, I am getting back to work on it, to improve it and crunch away all the existing bugs.

It's been a really long time. And it would take a lot more time to spruce up the app. We need all your support and feedback.

If you are interested in alpha-testing builds, please sign up for this Google+ Community.

Note: Blogaway will now have ads. 

I know it's not a good way to go. But I guess, I should try and get some revenue for the amount of time and effort that I have put in. And also, you would probably appreciate the fact that, till this point of time, Blogaway has been free. As regards to having it as a paid app, I don't think in it's current state, it is worth to put it out for sale.

Please update Blogaway, and keep sending your feedbacks. And this time, Blogaway would definitely see more frequent updates.

Android app on Google Play

Cheers!!! Happy Blogging...