Sunday, August 18, 2013

Blogaway 5.1 is now on Google Play Store

Blogaway 5.1 is a substantial update. Please check it out and send in your feedback. But, before upgrading, there's just one word of caution.

This is a completely re-written codebase, and thus, this update will not use the old data that you have with the existing version. You will need to setup your accounts and reading lists again.

Also, all your drafts, if any would not be imported into the new drafts system. If you want to preserve your drafts, please publish them, or save them as online drafts, and then proceed with the update.

Migration old the old data was a lot of work. And I don't really think it's worth. If and only if you have a lot of phone drafts, it's a real problem for the users. But other than the drafts, setting up everything else shouldn't take much time.

We hope you will love the new UI and everything else that will follow. If not, do send in your problems and concerns, and we would try our best to sort it out.

The new Home Screen

Manage multiple images

A new Reader UI
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