Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Using your Google account on Blogaway

The current version of Blogaway doesn't yet support using the Account Manager on Android to setup your blogs. From the feedback that we have received, this is not really a good idea. Users obviously don't want to provide their Google credentials to a third-party app, which is a good thing.

To solve this problem with Blogaway, soon, we would be releasing a version that changes how Blogaway works. And we hope that would remove all doubts about how Blogaway uses or stores your Google credentials.

From the next update, you would be able to setup your blog by using one of the two options.

Adding your blog

  1. Using a Google account: This is the preferred way to setup an account on Blogaway. By choosing this, Blogaway doesn't get to know your password for your Google account.
  2. Manual Setup: There might be a few situations where people still might want to add an account manually by providing their Google credentials within the app. Although the information you provide is safe, and Blogaway in no way trasmits/uses any of your credentials in a way that poses privacy issues, you should still be careful about lending your devices or, when you misplace them.

That's one thing that we would be changing.

Some of the other changes that would be a part of the next big update are:
  • Multiple image support
  • Multiple videos support
  • Bookmarking posts that you would like to read later
  • Proper geo-tagging of posts
  • A better post reader
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