Sunday, October 6, 2013

Introducing Blogaway Pro and Posts Map

Get it on Google Play Finally, a pro version of Blogaway for Android is out. Needless to say, it's ad-free. For the initial release, Blogaway Pro for Android is on a sale for the first 2 weeks. Download it for the introductory price of only USD 1.49.

Introducing the Posts Map

You have been blogging from various parts of your city, or may be the world. And after hundreds of posts, you have lost track of your old memories. To re-live those moments, go into the "Posts Map".

Posts Map shows all your posts on a map. You can zoom in or out to view all your post scattered throughout the world. Isn't it nice to see from where you have been blogging all this time?

The post map also shows posts from your reading list. Although this is not yet ready fully, we thought it would be a teaser to the next update.

Blogaway Free users can also see the Posts Map now, but all the subsequent updates to this feature would only be available on Blogaway Pro.

We would still be supporting Blogaway Free users in terms of bug fixes, crashes and minor improvements, but Blogaway Pro is the new tool that aims to make your blogging experience from your Android phones better and fun.

If you really want these awesome updates, do get the Blogaway Pro while it is one SALE. And that's only for the next 2 weeks.

Happy Blogging. Blogaway....
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