Thursday, July 18, 2013

Blogaway v5.0

Finally, Blogaway got a long-awaited updated. Version 5.0 is now live on the play store. Although it's a minor update, I am getting back to work on it, to improve it and crunch away all the existing bugs.

It's been a really long time. And it would take a lot more time to spruce up the app. We need all your support and feedback.

If you are interested in alpha-testing builds, please sign up for this Google+ Community.

Note: Blogaway will now have ads. 

I know it's not a good way to go. But I guess, I should try and get some revenue for the amount of time and effort that I have put in. And also, you would probably appreciate the fact that, till this point of time, Blogaway has been free. As regards to having it as a paid app, I don't think in it's current state, it is worth to put it out for sale.

Please update Blogaway, and keep sending your feedbacks. And this time, Blogaway would definitely see more frequent updates.

Android app on Google Play

Cheers!!! Happy Blogging...
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