Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blogaway Update 3.7 problems

People who are getting frequent Force Closes, please do a fresh install. If possible, please send us a log of the error.

How to send an error report.
1. Download and install SendLog which is available free on the Android Market.
2. Once installed, try to reproduce the error/force close.
3. When the Force close dialog comes, click on "Force Close".
4. Now open SendLog. In the list of various options, select "time" and click on send.
5. Send it to

We will investigate the error and try to fix this problem.Sorry for the inconvenience. If we find a solution or a fix, we will post an update to the Android Market very soon.

* SendLog  is a great tool for developers who can ask their users to send error reports and logs directly to them.
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